A downloadable game for Windows

Take control of a small 'servitor' robot tasked with repairing a death machine on a distant planet.   Is it still repairing if your success destroys a world?

This game was a submission to the 2020 Global Game Jam (GGJ), in which participants are tasked with making a game from scratch over a weekend. 2020's theme was "Repair"

A : Move Left
D : Move Right
SPACE : Jump
Q/E : Use item

Thanks to MoPodna for the music!

Warning: all non-musical elements done from scratch in 48 hours by one person.
Please set expectations to match ;)

This game's code and visual art is open source and free for public use for private and commercial projects (CC0), attribution appreciated but not necessary.  Seeing as it was hastily written in a jam, I can't say for sure how useful the code would be.

Install instructions

For the build:
Unzip the contents into a directory of choice.
Double click "Servitor GGJ.exe" to run (old name, sorry)
Press Escape to quit

For the source:
open in Unity 2019.3.0f5
Wait for the library to be rebuilt.


Small Parts GGJ2020.zip 29 MB
SmallParts_GGJ2020_source.rar 62 MB


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Pretty dope for 48 hours I like the background and the design of the game visually the game play feels a bit shoddy as it's really floaty and to get out when you pick up the water you kinda glitch through the stage good job on the game again though really well done for 48 hours. I missed watering the tree on my play through but went back and did it super pretty! my play through here: 

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Thanks! yeah it could definitely use some love some day. Originally I planned for the robot to have spider legs and for a big robot to guide you, but I ran out of time so you're stuck floating without instructions. Love the video!